The Structure of the International University of Erbil
The International University of Erbil (IUE) was established in 2009. Today the University has 4 faculties and 22 departments in the following fields:

1. Faculty of Engineering (FENG) 
The College of Engineering offers undergraduate programs recognized nationally and regionally in four main disciplines: Civil Engineering, Computer and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The educational programs of the College of Engineering at IUE focus on quality and excellence in engineering education and innovation for the ultimate benefit of society. From its very inception, the College of Engineering was committed to design educational curricula with the purpose of reshaping the conventional engineering education and of being in tune with the fast changes in the field. In order for the IUE to be recognized for its high level of education, research and community engagement, we aim at attracting and retaining outstanding faculty and staff. The IUE also aims at providing excellent state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities to be on the cutting edge of trends in a changing world.

2. Faculty of Business & Management (FSBM) 
Business and Management prepares students to meet the challenges of a high-tech, global marketplace by providing 
It combines excellent academic training with good career prospects. In addition, it provides students with a wide range of opportunities to develop their business skills learning how to analyze and solve a wide range of business problems. Our engagement with business and the employability of our graduates is further supported through a number of strategic business partnerships which offer students valuable business placement opportunities.

3. Faculty of Education (FEDU) 
The College of Education focuses on learning as a power for positive change. Arranged toward practice, we aim, through education, to affect the lives of our learners and the communities we serve. Our programs and majors are based on a strong ethical foundation. The main motivation behind our College of Education is the belief that there education always produces changes and opens new doors for creativity. We aim at providing enthusiastic, creative individuals the tools they need to contribute to the development of education and to inspire new generations of learners. Our purpose is to provide our students with a motivating environment where they can develop their interests, use their tools and become active within the field. To this purpose the College of Education offers nine majors based on a four-year program.

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